Are New Year’s Resolutions good for your wellness?

The New Year can be a time of new beginnings and a fresh start. Some people thrive on setting new goals and meeting them. New Year’s resolutions often include weight loss and hitting the gym. This can be a dreaded time of year for some. Resolutions may not be met and can lead to feelings guilt, self-blame and deprivation. Instead of strict diets and punishing exercise, add in MORE wellness!

More Veggies

January does not have to be a time of fasting, drinking protein shakes and kale smoothies. Instead of focusing on the diet restriction or a diet makeover focus on adding in more healthful foods. Add in more vegetables, add in more fruits and find delicious ways to include more beans and whole grains. Instead of punishing yourself for eating holiday treats focus on adding in more nutritious and delicious foods to fuel your body! Give your body the nutrition it deserves!

More enjoyable exercise

Besides weight loss exercise improves mood, increases energy and improves sleep. While some enjoy going to the gym this may not be the answer for everyone. Find an activity that interests you and that you are excited to do! This makes it much easier to stay motivated to exercise. Take your dog for a walk, hiking with friends and family, learn to scuba dive or take up mushroom hunting. Learning a new skill that includes an activity is a great way to improve overall wellness and increase activity.

More Sleep

Feeling more rested can improve energy to take time for self-care. In addition, getting adequate sleep has been shown to prevent diabetes and weight gain. Fatigue can lead to snacking and usually we choose carbohydrate foods or foods containing sugar for more energy. If you are well rested it is easier to stay motivated to participate in other self-care and wellness activities.

More family and friends

Good relationships and socialization is an important part of our emotional wellbeing. Surround yourself with positive people who love and support you. Taking care of our emotional wellness prevents depression and helps us to focus on self-care.

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