Privacy Policy

This policy informs clients of Eat Well Nutrition Coaching and Consulting, LLC use and disclosure of their personal information and their personal health data.

This policy also informs business clients of how their information, as well as employee information, will be utilized.

Clients can obtain a copy of this policy at any time on the website


Personal information – name, address, phone number, email etc.

Personal Health Information – any information gathered during wellness activities, individual nutrition appointments or health coaching appointments.

Employee wellness outcome data – data collected to look at improvement in overall employee wellness.

Eat Well – Eat Well Nutrition Coaching and Consulting, LLC


  • Eat Well Nutrition Coaching and Consulting, LLC is not required by law to maintain HIPAA, but Eat Well is committed to protecting client information.
  • All Personal Health Information collected from clients is confidential and will not be shared unless required by law.
  • Personal information may be used to communicate with clients via phone, mail or electronically.
  • No Personal Health Information will be shared with employers.
  • Biometric data collected may be shared with employers to show outcome measures but no individual employee information will be shared.
  • Employee Wellness outcome data will be kept anonymous. Employee Wellness outcome data may be shared by the employer or by Eat Well with informed consent from the contracted business.
  • Personal Health Information will not be used for research.
  • Personal Health Information may be shared with a client’s physician but only with informed consent from the client.
  • Eat Well uses Nutrihand Software as an electronic medical record and to track employee wellness information. Nutrihand maintains their own HIPPA compliance and privacy policy. Eat Well is not responsible for the privacy policy and content provided by Nutrihand.
  • Personal information will be used as needed to obtain payment for services. Personal Health Information will not be used to obtain payment.
  • If you feel your health information is not protected, you can cancel services with Eat Well at any time. Payment will be collected for services that have been provided.
  • Clients have the right to their Personal Health Information at any time.
  • Eat Well reserves the right to update and change this policy.
  • The updated policy will be maintained on the Eat Well website.